Course Introduction
  • Multifamily Investing A-Z Introduction
What is a real estate syndication? What is a Passive investor in Real Estate?
  • Section Introduction
  • What is a real estate syndication? What is a syndicator?
  • What is an asset manager? What is their role in a real estate syndication?
  • How to become a passive investor in multifamily real estate!
  • What is an accredited Investor VS sophisticated Investor!
  • How you can invest through your self directed IRA!
  • What is a cost segregation study? How does this help with offsetting your taxes?
  • What is a 1031 exchange? How are they used in real estate investing?
Why multifamily real estate over single-family investing?
  • Section Introduction
  • Single family investing VS multifamily Investing! Why multifamily?
  • The beauty of a preferred return in multifamily real estate investing!
  • What are the types of multifamily asset classes? What this means?
How to choose the correct market for your investment?
  • Section Introduction
  • Real estate market analysis | What market should you invest in?
  • What is the due diligence process on multifamily real estate investments?
  • What is a value add multifamily investment strategy?
  • How to invest within opportunity zones? How they help offset taxes!
A Basic Understanding Into The Top 5 Real Estate Investing Metrics!
  • Section Introduction
  • Real Estate Investing Metric 1: Cap Rate
  • Real Estate Investing Metric 2: The IRR
  • Real Estate Investing Metric 3: The Cash on Cash Return
  • Real Estate Investing Metric 4: The NOI or Net Operating Income
  • Real Estate Investing Metric 5: The Debt Service Coverage Ratio
Course Completion
  • Course Completion: Multifamily Investing From A-Z