Course Introduction
  • Who is Dr Nik?
  • What this Course is all about
Transforming the Country Archetype
  • Reclaiming the Archetype
  • The Transformation of Brand Germany
  • From Grumpy to Happy: The NEW Germany
  • Nation Branding Scorecard: Country Archetype
  • Self Assessment: Discover Your National Archetype
Activating the Brand Promise
  • Coining the Brand Promise
  • Navigating the Brand Promise
  • Internalizing the Brand Promise
  • Symbolizing the Brand Promise
  • Delivering the Brand Promise
  • Upholding the Brand Promise
  • Activating the Brand Promise
Restoring Civic Pride
  • Reuniting the People behind the Common Cause
  • Creating the World's Biggest FAN Club
  • Uniting the Nation behind Symbols
  • Capturing Moments of Glory
  • Nation Branding Scorecard: Civic Pride
  • Restoring Civic Pride
Reversing Media Stereotypes
  • Reversing Stereotypes about the Country & People
  • Replacing the Old Cliches: Partyotism 2.0
  • Converting the Media to Brand Advocates
  • Nationbranding Scorecard: Media Perceptions
  • Reversing Media Stereotypes
Converting Visitors to Brand Advocates
  • Germany's Service & Friendliness Campaign
  • Delivering World Class Service with a Smile
  • Attracting 1 Million Visitors in 100 Days
  • The Verdict: What Visitors had to say
  • Measuring Brand Advocacy
  • Nationbranding Scorecard: Brand Advocacy
  • Converting Visitors to Brand Advocates
Reversing Domestic Perceptions
  • Transforming Citizens to Brand Ambassadors
  • Turning Pessimists into Optimists
  • Overcoming National Idiosyncracies
  • Nationbranding Scorecard: People Brand
  • Reversing Domestic Perceptions
Socializing the Country Brand
  • FAN Centricity
  • Turning Visitors into FAN's
  • The FAN Festival Phenomenon
  • Reinventing the Visitor Experience
  • Nationbranding Scorecard: FAN Centricity
Positioning the Country Brand for Business
  • Land of Ideas Campaign
  • Wirtschaftwunder 2.0
Course Conclusion
  • Course Conclusion