Introduction to Natural Light Techniques
  • Welcome to the Natural Light Fashion & Beauty Workshop
  • An Overview of Natural Light Fashion and Beauty Photography
  • The Workbook (Revised 12/27/12)
Tools for Natural Light Fashion and Beauty Photography
  • Introduction to the Natural Light Tools
Building Reflectors and Light Panels
  • Building a Small Scrim Document
  • Building a Large Scrim (revised)
Working in Direct Sun
  • Looking for Interesting Sun
  • Post Processing Red Jeans and Garage Door Shot (Lightroom)
  • Post Processing Backlight Full Sun Shot in Photoshop
Adding Reflectors to Full Sun Natural Light
  • Post-Processing the Shot
  • Using Reflectors in Bright Sun
Using a Scrim (Light Panel) in Direct Sun
  • A Simple Scrim
  • Post Processing the Simple Scrim Shot
Using Shiny Reflectors
  • Using a Shiny Gold Reflector for Effect
  • Post-Process of Gold Reflector / Sun
  • Post-Process of Gold Against Wall
  • Post-Processing the Total Shadow Shot
Natural Soft Light in Shade
  • Soft Light in the Shade
  • Choosing the Shot
  • Lightroom Post Process of Beauty Shot
Shadow Edge Light for a Cool Effect
  • Using the Edge of the Shadow Line for a Fashion Look
  • Post-Processing the Edge of the Shadow Shot
Beauty Shoot with Natural Light
  • Post Processing Headshot
  • Natural Light Headshot
Webinar on Posing / Natural Light
  • Posing and Working in Natural Light
Creating Your Style in Natural Light Fashion and Beauty Photography
  • A discussion with Matt Dutile
Natural Light Articles
  • Using a Light Meter to "Place" Exposure
  • Just a Camera and a Subject
  • In Praise of Natural light
  • Thoughts on a Couple of Portraits
  • Shooting by the Seat of Your Pants (It Happens)
Bonus Content
  • Natural Light Beauty Headshot
  • Webinar: January 12, 2013
  • Michelle in Natural Light
  • Bonus Content: Webinar on May 23, 2013. Lots of good stuff