• Introduction
  • What is Microsoft Stack
  • What is ASP.NET
  • Test yourself
  • Summary of .NET Core
  • C# as the language for .NET Core
  • Setting up your environment
Fundamentals of C#
  • Creating a new project on Visual Studio 2017
  • Creating a new project on Visual Studio Code
  • Creating a class
  • An example of a class
  • Class structure explained
  • Setting up a basic program
  • Running the program
  • Summary of what the code is doing
  • Explanation of "dotnet" command utility
  • Running code from Visual Studio 2017
Flow control in C#
  • Introduction to flow control
  • An example of if statement
  • If statement explained
  • While loop example
  • While loop explained
  • Bringing flow control together
  • Bringing if statement and while loop together
  • More on conditional statements
  • More on flow control
Principles of Object Oriented Programming
  • Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
  • Access modifiers
  • Encapsulation
  • An example of inheritance
  • Inheritance explained
  • An example of an interface
  • Interface explained
  • More on access modifiers
  • List of OOP resources
  • Dependency injection
Console Application
  • Console app explained
  • Console calculator app
  • An example of error handling
  • Error handling explained
  • Further reading
Compilation Process
  • Introduction to compilation
  • Debugging
  • More on debugging
Wrapping Up
  • Congratulations
  • List of further learning resources