• Introduction
A bit about Emulators
  • Quick Overview of GNS3
  • What is IOU and how to use it ?
  • Running IOU in GNS3
  • Overview and Usage of Unified Networking Lab
  • Overview and Usage of Unified Networking Lab (part-2)
Scenario-1: Enterprise Routing Network
  • Topology Overview
  • Configure RIP
  • Implement EIGRP
  • Configure OSPF
  • Redistribution of Routes
  • Optimization of Routing Tables
  • Optimization of Routing Tables (part-2)
  • Implement basic BGP
  • Optimization of IGP with BGP
Scenario-2: Multihomed Organization Routing
  • Multihome Topology
  • BGP Route Manipulation through Communities
  • BGP AS-Path Filtering
  • BGP AS-Path Manipulation
  • CISCO DMVPN Concepts & Configuration
Integrating CISCO and Juniper for ISIS Protocol
  • The Story of ISIS Routing Protocol
  • ISIS Configuration: Let's integrate CISCO with Juniper
  • Scaling the ISIS Protocol: Restricting SPF Calculations through Levels
  • Leaking Routes between Levels and Generation of Default Routes
  • Redistribution Of Routes and ISIS Metric Types
  • Implementing Authentication in ISIS