Introduction & Business Information
  • The Amazing Amazon Opportunity
  • What Is FBA? (Fulfillment By Amazon)
  • Starting Your LLC
  • Signing Up For Seller Central
Product Research Mastery
  • Product Research Overview
  • How To Accurately Calculate Numbers For Amazon Products
  • Demand Is All That Matters
  • Now's When You Need a Tool!
  • The Most Efficient Product Research
  • Picked a Winner!
  • The Final Forumla
  • How To STAND OUT On a Crowded Marketplace
  • Free Bonus: How Does It Work?
  • Picking a Brand Name
  • Creating a Logo
  • Product Variations VS. Stand-Alone Listings
  • BONUS: Getting Un-gated In Categories
Finding Suppliers & Pro Negotiating Tactics
  • Where To Begin? The eCom Giant - Alibaba
  • Finding Suppliers In Real Time
  • Live Supplier Skype Conversation
  • Final Product Numbers Calculation
  • Air Shipping VS. Ocean Freight Shipping
  • Printing Your FNSKU Labels
  • BONUS: Best Third Party Inspection Company For Your Products
Mastering Amazon Product Listings
  • What Goes Into a Product Listing?
  • Copyrighting Mastery
  • Keyword Mastery
  • Product Image Mastery
  • Supercharged Product Listing - 1
  • Supercharged Product Listing - The FINAL Product
  • RECAP: What Exactly Did We Do?
  • UPC Barcodes
  • Adding a New Product Into Amazon
  • Printing FBA Labels & Shipping Your Products Into FBA
How 7 Figure Sellers Launch Their Products
  • Understanding the A9 Ranking Algorithm
  • What Is a Product Launch?
  • Different Methods Overview
  • My Winning Launch Formula
  • How To Calculate Giveaways
  • Creating Coupon Codes
  • My Secret Weapon For Ranking
  • Creating a Facebook Offer Ad
  • Tracking Your Keyword Rankings Post-Launch
  • BONUS: Uncover Search Phrases with NO Competition & HIGH Demand!
  • BONUS: Build a "Launch" Email List For Free!
(NEW) 2019 Product Launch Case Study
  • 30 Page 1 Rankings In 21 Days
Amazon Sponsored Ads
  • Sponsored Ads Overview
  • Match Types
  • What Do The Metrics Mean?
  • Creating An Automatic Campaign
  • Creating a Manual Campaign
  • Negative Words & Optimizing Your Campaigns
Traversing Seller Central
  • Seller Central Rundown
  • Brand Registry
BONUS #1: Using ClickFunnels For Product Inserts
  • Gather Real Customer Info
BONUS #2: Getting 5-Star Verified Reviews On Autopilot
  • SellerMail by MBS - Post Email Sequence For Reviews
BONUS #3: Managing Cashflow
  • Cashflow Reality of FBA
  • Cashflow Work-Arounds
  • NEW - Buy Now, Pay Later Alibaba Feature
BONUS #4: Managing Inventory
  • When Should You Re-Order?
  • What To Do When Out of Stock?
BONUS #5: Sales Tax For Amazon FBA
  • Everyone's Favorite Topic - Sales Tax
BONUS #6: Expanding Your Amazon Business
  • How To Hire Cheap, High Performance Assistants
  • Where To Build a Brand Outside of Amazon?
FULL Resource List & Overview of My Agency
  • Complete List of Resources Mentioned Throughout Course