Introduction to the course
  • Introduction
  • What is a Local Area Network
  • What is IP Video?
  • IP Video Basics
NewTek NDI Deep Dive
  • Setting up a network for NDI
  • Tips for staying organized as your IP Network grows
  • Understanding IP Video and how it affect Live Streaming
  • Simplifying our workflow
  • Using our Ethernet-based LAN for Live Video Production
Unpacking your NewTek NDI Tools
  • Downloading the NewTek NDI Tool Pack
  • NDI Tool Pack Overview
  • NDI Studio Monitor
  • Using the Adobe Creative Cloud Plugin for NDI
  • Using NDI Transmit App
NewTek NDI Use Cases
  • Using NDI with OBS
  • Setting up a PTZOptics NDI Camera
  • Four ways to use NDI with Tim Vandenberg from vMix
  • Introduction to the Newtek Connect Pro
  • vMix Use Case - Connecting multiple computers with NDI
Extra Tools, Tips and Tricks
  • NDI 3.0 & NDI HX
  • Live Q&A w/ NDI Engineer Dr. Andrew Cross