Singapore HR and Payroll
  • Introduction
  • Employee Management
  • Configuring Departments and Leaves
  • Configuring Salary Rules
  • Configuring Input Rules
  • Generate Employee Contract
  • Generating Payslip
  • Generating Payslip in Batch
  • Timesheet Management and Payslip Integration
  • Leave and Holiday Management
  • HR Report Generation
  • IRAS report generation
Singapore Accounting and Configuration
  • Configuring Fiscalyear and Journals
  • Configuring Account and Account Type
  • Tax Configuration
  • Customer Invoice and payments
  • Supplier Invoice and payments
  • Fiscal Position Configuration and use of Fiscal Position
  • Accounting Report Generation
  • Managing Multi Currency Transactions
  • Conclusion
V8 vs V9 and V10 updates
  • Accounting Major changes
  • Accounting reports and payment changes