• Introduction
Business Startup Strategy
  • Choosing Your Company Name and Registering Your Business
  • Logo Design, Branding and Colour Schemes
  • Accounting and Bookkeeping
  • Business Planning
  • A Website Without a Business Model or Strategy
  • Aims, Objectives and Goal Setting
  • Proposals and Deadlines
  • Creating a Scalable Online Business
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Strategy for Change
The Website
  • How to Find a Great Web Design Agency
  • Be Realistic About Your Feature Set
  • How Much Does a Website Cost?
  • Bespoke Design vs Great Themes / Templates
  • Don't Mention WordPress During the Pitch
  • Finding Inspiration in Other Websites
  • I Thought You Would Write My Content For Me
  • Setting Customer Expectations Post Launch
  • What Happens if My Web Designer Gets Hit by a Bus
  • Launching Your Website
Site Launch Checklist
  • The Site Launch Checklist
Website Reviews
  • Why Test Your Own Website?
  • What are we Testing for?
  • The Seven Best Tools for Testing Your Website for FREE
  • Google Analytics
Social Media
  • Facebook Introduction
  • Twitter Introduction
  • Google+ Introduction
  • LinkedIn Introduction
  • Content Strategy