What Really is the Stock Market and How do People Buy and Sell Equities?
  • What Is A Stock?
  • Introduction to stocks: Multiple Choice
  • What Is The Stock Market
  • Stock Markets and How They Operate
Stock Brokers and How They Work
  • What Is A Stock Broker
  • Finding a Broker who Won't Make You Broke
Charting and Trends Primer
  • Technical Analysis Basics - Candlesticks
  • Technical Analysis - Support & Resistance
  • Trends and Candlesticks
Free to Use Finance Websites to Get You Started
  • Free Charting Websites
Key Trading Psychology
  • Psychology Section Introduction
  • FOMO - The Fear Of Missing Out
  • OverTrading And Why It Should Be Avoided
  • Trading Psychology Quiz
Developing A Trading Plan
  • Why You Need A Trading Plan
  • Quiz: Why you Need a Trading Plan
  • Thank You For Taking Our Course
Bonus Lecture
  • Bonus Lecture