Introduction to OpenCV and getting started with anaconda.
  • Introduction to OpenCV and it's application.
  • Launching notepad and creating our first project.
Downloading samples for practice and installing Anaconda in windows
  • Downloading samples for practice
  • Installing Anaconda in Windows
Getting started with OpenCv and matplotlib.
  • Getting started
  • Matplotlib and plotting images.
ROI and Resizing of images.
  • ROI(region of impression)
  • Resizing of images.
More operation on images.
  • Making images blur.
Edge detection and thresholding.
  • Edge detection in images.
  • Thresholding technique.
Techniques on videos.
  • Capturing particular frame from video and coming live stream
  • Coming to live stream with video
  • Showing simaltaneously two videos with different format