• Introduction
Program Installation
  • Reminder: You need an Oracle Database Already Installed! Don’t have one?
  • Downloading and installing SQL Developer
Tips and Useful Features
  • Changing the language
  • Creating database connections
  • Disabling features you don't need
  • Executing commands and scripts
  • Displaying line numbers (The Line Gutter)
  • Formatting Code
  • Displaying nulls in a special way
  • Displaying results in different tabs
  • Exporting data
  • Using code templates
  • Using Code snippets
  • Generating Relational Diagrams
  • Navigation Filtering and Zebra Pattern
  • Useful shortcuts
  • Useful Shortcuts 2
  • Cheat Sheet: Summary of Features and Tips
  • Using HTML in SQL and in preferences
  • Displaying Gauges
  • Appendix 1: Installing Oracle Database Express Edition 18c On Windows
  • Bonus Lecture: Discount for my Oracle SQL course