• Course Structure and How to Take Advantage of it
  • What this course IS and IS NOT
Program Installation
  • Reminder: You need an Oracle Database Already Installed! Don’t have one?
  • Downloading and installing SQL Developer
Oracle SQL Developer Basics
  • Introduction (SDB)
  • User Interface Basics
  • Creating and Organizing Database Connections
  • Working with the Worksheet
  • Working with the Results’ Grid
Useful Customizations
  • Introduction (UC)
  • Changing the Language
  • Disabling Features you Don't Need
  • Improving the way Data is Displayed
  • Advanced Code Formatting
  • Navigation Filtering
  • Customizing Fonts and Syntax Colors for Eye Comfort
  • Introduction (R)
  • Predefined Reports Overview and Reports Basics
  • User-Defined Reports Basics
  • Master-Detail and Drill Down Reports
  • Gauge Reports
  • Chart Reports
  • Exporting and Sharing Reports
  • A Final Reports' Trick
More Useful Features, Tips and Tricks
  • Introduction (MUF)
  • Splitting Worksheets and Document Groups
  • Exporting data
  • Code Templates
  • Code Snippets
  • Taking Advantage of The Line Gutter
  • Performing Local Searches on Your Results
  • Testing Program Units Smartly
  • Debugging Program Units Smartly
  • Finding Database Objects
  • Getting Information about a Database Object
  • Oracle Folks Love Drag & Drop
  • Generating Relational Diagrams
  • Navigating Your Code
  • Performance Tuning Features
  • Displaying Gauges
  • Useful Tips and Shortcuts 1
  • Useful Tips and Shortcuts 2
  • Using HTML in SQL and in preferences
  • Appendix 1: Installing Oracle Database Express Edition 18c On Windows
  • Bonus Lecture: Discounts for other courses