• Introduction
The Meaning of Ayurveda
  • The word Ayurveda dissected
Importance of Ayurvedic Ancient Text
  • How to interprete ancient Ayurvedic text?
Most Ignored Fundamental Rule of Ayurvedic Treatment
  • There is no Ayurvedic treatment without Nidan Parivarjanam!
  • Detailed Interpretation of Nidan Parivarjanam
Digestive System - Core of Our Health
  • Why meal time is important? and why you MUST not eat when you are not hungry?
Why Home Remedies Don't Work?
  • Multiple Factors that Affect the Effect of a Home Remedy
A Take on Vaccines
  • Can we get vaccinated naturally?
Ideal Ayurvedic Treatment - A Case Study
  • A Real Life Case Study to demonstrate Ayurvedic treatment