• Welcome to the School of the Offended!
  • Dealing with the Elephant in the Room
  • Are you being limited in these three areas?
  • This is the bait that traps your growth
  • Offended? Who, me? How we deny the obvious!
  • Are you offended?
The Coming of Offense
  • Have you been taught on this?
  • Overcoming Offense and Unforgiveness (re-cap of course overview)
  • The Offense Opportunity
  • The Mathematics of Forgiveness
  • Forgiveness must be a daily habit
  • Is it OK to rebuke the person who offended me?
  • God's advice on taking revenge
The Costs and Consequences of Offense
  • The Costs of Offense (introduction)
  • Are you building a garage of grudges?
  • Creating the right environment in your heart
  • Getting rid of the toxic stuff
  • How quick a forgiver are you?
  • The Devil's staging ground
  • Lessons from the unmerciful servant
  • The costs and consequences of offense
The Cure for Offense
  • The cure for offense (introduction)
  • A revelation of the love of God
  • What we can learn from little children
  • Your capacity to forgive
  • How your restoration will come
Conclusion and Prayer Impartation
  • Conclusion and Prayer
  • Take home, life long assignment