• Introduction to the course
  • why is parallel test great
  • Facebook Group- Get Access to our Test Automation Masters secret group!
  • Your bonuses
  • Introduction Quiz
  • Master Selenium Automation with the most powerful course available!
  • Would you like to participate in a automation testing competition?
How to run tests in parallel on your computer
  • how to install Nuget packages for Webdriver and NUnit
  • how to install NUnit Test Adapter
  • setting up our selenium tests
  • debugging a problem and running our first test
  • dont be afraid to fail or make mistakes
  • setting up another local test
  • setting up local tests to start running in parallel
  • advantages and disadvantages of local parallel testing
  • advantages or executing tests in the cloud
  • What are you struggling with?
How to run tests in parallel using Browser Stack
  • setting up a browser stack test
  • understanding the browser stack test and setting up env variables
  • how to run the browser stack test
  • creating other browser stack tests
  • how to execute parallel tests in browserstack
How to run tests in parallel using Sauce Labs
  • getting started with sauce labs
  • how to run a selenium webdriver test in sauce labs
  • how to run selenium tests in parallel using sauce labs
  • conclusions