Introduction to Pay Per Call
  • Why Pay Per Call is a Massive Opportunity
  • Glossary of Business Terms
  • Glossary of Affiliate Terms
  • Glossary of Pay Per Call and Call Center Terms
Getting Started with Pay Per Call
  • How Pay Per Call Works
  • Breaking Down Common Call Flows
  • Improving Conversions with Automated Routing
  • Real Time Bidding for Calls
  • How Pay Per Call Networks Function
Pay Per Call Copywriting and Advertising
  • The Psychology of Ads
  • Online Advertising
  • Out of Home Advertising
  • Radio Advertising
  • Television Advertising
  • Print Advertising
Starting Your Pay Per Call Business
  • Building Your Business
  • Business Development
  • Quality Assurance
Scaling Your Pay Per Call Business
  • Negotiating for Scale
  • Creating a Buyer Network
  • Working with Affiliates
  • Hiring and Outsourcing
Masterclass Resources
  • Campaign Assets and Templates
  • Pay Per Call Network Introductions
  • Expert Interviews
  • Pay Per Call Communities