Introduction and Course Objectives
  • Intro to P2P Finance
  • Run-Down of the Course
What Is "P2P" and Why is it Important?
  • What is P2P Lending? What does P2P Mean?
  • What Do You Gain From Peer-to-Peer Lending?
Best Practices, and Difference Between P2P Loans and Bank Loans
  • General Criteria to Attain a P2P Loan, and Your Image in the Loan Market
  • Traditional Bank Loans vs. P2P Loans
General Facts, Rates, and Options Concerning P2P Loans
  • Fees Associated With P2P Loans, and Other Facts
  • Rates, Credit Scores, and How Your Reputation Relates to P2P Loans
  • What are the Options When it Comes to P2P Lending Platforms?
Platforms Among P2P Lenders, and Bank Loans vs. P2P Loans Contrasted
  • Is One P2P Leanding Platform Better Than Others? What's the Difference?
  • Pros and Cons of Banks vs Peer-to-Peer Opportunities and Why
Who Is Involved in the Process, and What is the Next Step When You're Ready?
  • The 3 Parties: Borrower, Intermediary, and Lender
  • At What Point in Your Investment Journey Should You Seek Out Loans?
Common Questions Explained, and Concluding Material
  • Why, When, Pros and Cons
  • Summary and Conclusion: Congratulations!