Knowledge into taking action Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Who should take this course and your support
  • What is Knowledge and its types
Factors: Become Action taker
  • Commitment of taking Action
  • What to do when you break commitment
  • Simplifying your life and becoming Action taker
  • Investing in learning
Fear and Procrastination: Enemy of Action takers
  • Facing fear and becoming Action taker
  • Avoid procrastination (Deep and Catalytic way)
Leadership and Honest self analysis: Helps in long term success
  • Leadership mentality for becoming Action taker
  • Honest Self Analysis in life and it's Importance
Life Coaching: Other essential Factors
  • Establishing Action Plan and reviewing Goals
  • Importance of challenges and become Action taker
  • Writing Goals benefit and experiment
  • Implement ideas into routine
Three Question to Ask yourself in order to become a perfect Action Taker
  • Three Questions: Transform your life
  • Developing a filter in life
  • Post reminder of ideas everywhere
Creating System in Life and FAQ
  • Why having system really Important
  • FAQ (Frequently Asked Question)