Start Here
  • How the Course Is Structured
  • Introduction: Living with Purpose
  • Download Your Workbook
Part 1: Design Your Ideal Life Vision
  • How to Live a Regret-Free Life
  • Design Your Perfect Day
  • Guided Visualization: Perfect Day
  • Play the Lottery Winner Game
  • Create Your Intentional Bucket List
  • Assess Your Current Situation
  • Choose Your Key Areas
  • Describe the Ideal Scenario
Build Your Ideal Life
  • Use Your Intuition
  • Create Your Road Map
  • Conduct Experiments
  • Challenge Yourself
Accelerate Your Progress
  • Develop Your Mindset for Success
  • Powerful Tool to Accelerate Your Progress
  • How to Visualize (5-Step Formula)
  • Guided Visualization: Achieve Your Goals Faster
Final Thoughts
  • Final Thoughts