• Course Introduction
Getting Started
  • What's on my iPhone
iPhone Photos App
  • Introduction to the iPhone Photos App
  • Cropping with the Photos App
  • Using Photos Filers in the Photos App
  • Adjustment Tools in the Photos App
  • Saving & Sharing Photos from the Photos App
Lightroom Mobile for iPhone
  • Introduction to Lightroom Mobile
  • Cropping Photos in Lightroom Mobile
  • Using Presets in Lightroom Mobile
  • Adjustment Tools in Lightroom Mobile
  • Saving & Sharing Photos in Lightroom Mobile
Snapseed for iPhone
  • Introduction to Snapseed
  • Using Filters in Snapseed
  • Editing with Tools in Snapseed
  • Saving & Sharing Photos from Snapseed
Pixelmator for iPhone
  • Introduction to Pixelmator for iPhone
  • Using Editing Tools in Pixelmator
  • Adding Text Layers in Pixelmator
  • Saving & Sharing Photos from Pixelmator
Photoshop Express for iPhone
  • Introduction to Photoshop Express
  • Using Photoshop Express Editing Tools
  • Saving & Sharing Photos in Photoshop Express
Photoshop Fix for iPhone
  • Retouching a Landscape Photos in Photoshop Fix
  • Retouching a Portrait in Photoshop Fix
Enlight for iPhone
  • Introduction to Enlight for iPhone
  • Editing with Tools in Enlight
  • Saving & Sharing Photos in Enlight
  • Course Conclusion