The 5 Step Effective Dashboard Building Process
  • Introduction
  • The 5 Step Effective Dashboard Building Process
Section 2 - Importing Data
  • Importing Data and Carrying out Basic Transformations
Section 3
  • Adding Calculated Columns containing DAX IF() and SWITCH() statements
  • Adding Measures containing DAX SUM(), COUNTROWS(), SUMX() Functions
  • Best Practice Page Layout, Adding and Customising Cards and Importing a Theme
  • Adding Cards and Applying Visual Level Filters
  • Adding a Slicer, Sorting One Field By Another and Dealing with (Blank) Values
  • Add and Format Column Chart Visuals
  • Add Matrix Visual and Heat Map Conditional Formatting
Section 4 - Adding Interaction To Your Dashboard
  • How to Control Cross Filtering of Visuals Using Edit Interactions
  • Creating and Configuring a Drillthrough Report
  • Adding Colour Conditional Formatting Using a DAX Measure
  • Adding a Help Popup Tooltip to a Visualisation
  • Creating a Bookmark for Drilling Through to Total Backlog
  • Adding a Pop-up Tooltip with Additional Information
Section 5 - Publishing the Dashboard to the Power BI Service
  • Publishing Your Dashboard to the Power BI Service
  • Final Overview of Dashboard Functionality
  • Copy of Final Power BI Dashboard File