• Introduction
  • The Secret Formula
Content: How to Make a Clear Point
  • The Key Principles of Content
  • Content Example 1: The Investor Relations Presentation
  • Content Example 2: The Continuing Ed Class
  • Content Example 3: The Personal Development Webinar
Design: How to Build Slides that Support Your Message
  • The Key Principles of Design
  • Design Example 1: The Consulting Firm Presentation
  • Design Example 2: The Non-Profit Fundraising Presentation
  • Design Example 3: The E-Mail Marketing Webinar
Delivery: Arranging Your Information to Persuade and Inspire Your Audience
  • The Key Principles of Delivery
  • Delivery Example 1: The Investment Conference Presentation
  • Delivery Example 2: The Estate Planning Seminar
  • Delivery Example 3: The Sales Skills Webinar
The Most Important Part of this Course: Action
  • How to Remember this Information Forever