Start Here
  • Introduction to the course
  • What is bitcoin?
  • Bitcoin is not a Company - you can't buy stock!
  • Why is bitcoin relevant to students?
  • Who is....
A basic bitcoin transaction
  • You can't flip a bitcoin!
  • Unlocking the funds using a 'private key'
  • A basic bitcoin transaction
  • What is a bitcoin wallet?
  • How do bitcoins enter the system, and who is paying the miner?
  • How about a bitcoin wallet?
Creating wallets for you and dad
  • Helping dad set up his own web wallet
  • How to set up your own wallet
  • How does dad gets bitcoin into his own new wallet?
  • Dad, I'm broke - can you help me urgently?
  • How do I know that my bitcoins have arrived?
  • How about a bicoin transaction
Where can I spend my bitcoin?
  • Stores where you can buy things with bitcoin
  • Paying your rent and utilities with bitcoin
  • Happy birthday - your bitcoin is in your card!
  • How about a paper wallet?
  • Help, dad, I've lost my mobile wallet!
  • Dad, can you help me - I've lost my private key?
  • My bag got stolen on the train .. thank goodness I have my mobile!
  • My phone battery is dead - how can I get my bitcoin now?
  • When you lose your private key
Extra useful bits and bobs
  • Interesting information sources and links
  • Bitcoin volatility & speculation
  • Volatility