• Introduction
  • Quick Clarification
An overview of how DNS works
  • DNS up to Root Name Servers
  • DNS up to Authoritative Name Servers
  • DNS example with nslookup
An overview of how Pihole works
  • What is Pihole
  • What is Pihole - continue
  • Pihole diagram and network flow
Quick Raspberry Pi Setup
  • Quick Setup
  • Selecting our Keyboard layout
Pihole Installation
  • Updating our system with apt-get
  • Starting the Pihole Installation
  • Continuing the Installation
  • How to change your Pihole admin interface password?
Pihole configuration, the admin interface, and block lists
  • Admin Interface
  • Admin Interface - continue
  • Admin Interface - continue (Network and Settings)
Advanced Pihole and Sqlite3
  • Config and Log Files
  • Macvendor database
  • Pihole-FTL database
DNS over HTTPS (DoH) using cloudflared
  • DNS over HTTPS Introduction
  • Going through the resources file
  • Installing cloudflared
  • Configure Pihole to use cloudflared
  • Making sure our Cloudflared works properly
  • Wrapup - Intro to Additional Unbound section
Additional - Unbound as a Recursive DNS Resolver
  • Unbound Introduction
  • Unbound Installation
  • Configure Pihole to use unbound