Getting Started
  • Setting Up Your First Amazing Project
  • Sample Footage (Google Drive)
  • My Folder Organisation for Daily Vlogging
  • My Sequence and Project Organisation for Daily Vlogging
  • How I Organise & Import Content (GoPro, Drone, Smartphone, etc)
  • Let's Stay Connected
  • NEW! Learn Premiere Pro in 70 minutes (Beginner Tutorial)
My Techniques
  • Basic Editing Tools I Use (Source & Timeline Panels)
  • The Essentials to Effect Controls
  • How I Edit Footage with Different Resolutions (4K Drone vs. 1080p GoPro)
  • How I Use J-Cuts To Make Awesome Vlogs
  • How To Create Simple Text & Shapes (In Minutes!)
  • How I Create Adjustment Layers
  • How I Colour Grade My Drone Footage Using LUTS
  • Free Look-up Tables (LUTS) For Download (Google Drive)
  • The Famous M31 LUT
  • Turn Your Vlog into a Movie with Rolling End Credits
  • How I Story tell my Vlogs
  • How to Jump Cut Like A Pro
  • How to Zoom Cut (Simple Trick!)
  • How I Use "Speed Ramping" To Make Awesome Drone Vlogs
  • Premiere Pro CC 2020: How to Speed Ramp up to 20,000%
  • Speed Ramping (Drone Sample Footage)
  • How I Create Awesome Motion Graphics (in less than a minute!)
  • Downloading and Installing Amazing Motion Graphics Templates (Resources)
  • How to Make Animated Lower Thirds
  • 15 Free Animated Lower Thirds (for Download)
  • How to Record Amazing Voice-Over
  • BUTTERY SMOOTH Slow Motion (Speed Ramping, Optical Flow)
  • Downloadable Clips (Google Drive)
  • My Favourite Keyboard Shortcuts (for fast editing!)
  • How I Add Cinematic Top and Bottom Bars
  • My 6 Awesome Editing Tips (that make a HUGE difference!)
Everything Audio
  • Make Your Audio Sound Awesome! (Basic Audio Mixing)
  • How I Sync Footage to Music Beats (Awesome!)
  • Where I Get My Awesome Background Music From
  • Copyright-Free Awesome Vlogging Music
  • Epidemic Sound - Royalty Free Professional Music
The Incredible Toolbox
  • Using Selection Tool and Razor Tool
  • How To Use The Track Selection Tool
  • Using Ripple Edit and Rolling Edit Tool
  • Using the Rate Stretch Tool
Rendering & Exporting
  • The Best 1080p Export Settings for YouTube, Vimeo, & Facebook (Highest Quality)
  • Your Assignment (Please do!)
Bonus Learning (Don't Miss This Section!)
  • Premiere Pro CC 2020: How to Auto Reframe Videos
  • 5 Incredible Optimisation Tips for Premiere Pro CC
  • How I Export Videos to Instagram (Quick Method)
  • Batch Exporting Vlogs (using Adobe Media Encoder)
  • How To Import Using Media Browser
  • How to Apply Transitions Between Clips
  • Bonus: Where To From Now?