Getting Started
  • What You Will Learn
  • Exercise Files (Google Drive Download)
  • Premiere Pro System Requirements (Simplified)
  • Launching Your First Awesome Project
  • Import & Organise Footage Like A Pro
Short Tutorials
  • Learn Premiere Pro in 70 minutes (Beginner Tutorial)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorial 2021: Beginner Tutorial
  • A Quick Workspace Tour
  • Exploring the Project Panel & Source Monitor
  • Creating A New Sequence
  • Timeline Editing Fundamentals
  • The Toolbox Basics
  • The Essentials of Effect Controls
  • How to Use Adjustment Layers
  • How to Use Key Frames
  • Source Patching for Inserts & Overwrites
  • Understanding Track Targeting
  • The J-Cut and L-Cut
  • Applying Simple Transitions Between Clips
  • Understanding Workspace Panels
  • Using Title Safe Boundaries (Safe Margins)
  • The Ken Burns Effect (Add Movement to Your Photos)
  • My Favourite Keyboard Shortcuts for Fast Editing
  • Could You Please Do Me A Favour?
  • The Fundamentals of Creating Text Titles
  • How to Create Stylish Cinematic Text Titles
  • Free Cinematic Font Pack (Google Drive Download)
  • How to Install Beautiful Fonts for Premiere Pro
  • How to Edit Incredible Motion Graphics Templates
  • Free Motion Graphics Template Pack (Google Drive Download)
  • How to Edit Stunning Animated Lower Thirds
  • Free Lower Thirds Pack (Google Drive Download)
  • How to Install Motion Graphics (2 Methods!)
  • Motion Graphics Installation Instructions (Mac & Windows)
  • How to Add Background Music to Video (Auto Ducking)
  • How to Fade Music & Video In and Out
  • The Basics of Editing to Music Beats (2 Methods)
  • The Basics of Using Sound Effects
  • Free YouTuber Sound Effects Pack (Google Drive Download)
  • Editing Perfect Audio Levels for YouTube
  • How to Select the Best Music for Your Videos
  • The Best No-Copyright Music Sites
  • Free No-Copyright Music Resources
  • My Favourite Royalty-Free Music Suppliers for YouTube Videos
  • Soundstripe Summary
  • How to Use Epidemic Sound to Get Awesome Music for Videos
  • Epidemic Sound Summary
  • Setting up the Colour Correction Workspace
  • The Basics of Colour Correction (Using Lumetri Scopes)
  • Colour Grading Fundamentals (Get the Film Look!)
  • Free LUTs Download Pack (Google Drive Download)
  • The Famous M31 LUT
  • How to Install Film Look-Up Tables (LUTS)
  • Film Look-Up Table (LUT) Installation Instructions
Project #1: Travel Montage
  • Your First Travel Montage Video
  • Exercise Files (Google Drive Download)
  • Organising, Selecting, & Trimming Footage
  • Building the Story
  • Selecting the Right Music
  • Cinematic Colour Correction and Grading
  • Free Tropical Paradise & Cinematic Film LUTs Pack (Google Drive Download)
  • Adding Titles, Transitions, B-Roll, and SFX
  • Adjusting Audio Levels and Audio Mixing
  • How to Add Cinematic Black Bars
  • How to Make Your Videos More Cinematic
  • Exporting to YouTube
  • Congratulations!
Project #2: Talking Head
  • Your First Talking Head YouTube Video
  • Exercise Files (Google Drive Download)
  • Sifting, Selecting, and Trimming A-roll
  • Jump Cut and Zoom Cut Like A Pro!
  • How to Edit B-roll
  • Creating a Montage, Full Screen Transitions, and Lower Thirds
  • The Best Way to Sharpen Footage
  • Background Music, Audio Levels, and Sound Effects
  • Applying Colour Correction and Grading
  • Creating a YouTube Thumbnail from Video
  • Creating a Stylish YouTube End Screen
  • The Best Export Settings for YouTube
  • Recommended YouTube Upload Encoding Settings
  • Congratulations!
Social Media
  • How to Create Instagram Videos (Portrait, Square, Stories, IGTV)
  • Instagram Video Sequence Settings
  • How to Export High Quality Instagram Videos
  • How to Manually Create Captions and Subtitles
  • Creating and Importing Professional Captions
Cool Effects
  • Smooth Speed Ramping, Reversing, and Directional Blur
  • Speed Ramping Sample Footage Download
  • Fast and Easy Luma Fade Transition