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Countering the Pricing Pitfalls
  • The Pricing Pitfalls
  • Pitfall 1. The Commodity Trap
  • Pitfall 2. Falling Short of Awesome
  • Pitfall 3. One Size Fits All
  • Pitfall 4. Blindfolded on a Bridge
  • Pitfall 5. That's My Price! Sorry.
  • Pitfalls Wrap-Up
Building a Pricing System
  • What is My Pricing System?
  • Why a Pricing System?
  • How Do We Get to a Pricing System?
Parting Advice
  • Parting Advice: Belen Bilgic-Schneider (freelancer)
  • Parting Advice: Mike Noble (Allen Communication)
  • Parting Advice: Karen Basile (Tyco)
  • Parting Advice: John Shaw (BravoSolution)
  • What's Next?
  • Onto the next course!
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