What you will learn and an overview of the process we use
  • Personal Introduction
  • Introduction and Objectives
  • Identification with metaphors for problem drinking
  • Identification and Calibration with others who are exploring their patterns
Laying the foundations for asking Clean Questions to reveal metaphors and symbol
  • Getting Started - What would you like to have happen?
  • Problem, Remedy or Outcome Orientation
  • Responses to the PRO Model and what your language says about your attitude
  • Why we express thoughts as metaphors
The Clean Questions
  • Developing Questions
  • Desired Outcome Questions - Under what conditions can it all happen?
  • Developing Question - Where? Explaining embodied cognition.
  • Remedy Statements
  • Problem statements
  • Modelling Problems and Binding Patterns
  • Seeking metaphors for binding patterns
  • Relating questions to build a storyboard of the emerging metaphor symbols
  • Summary of the Clean Language Technique
  • Developing a Problem Metaphor part 1
  • Developing a Problem Metaphor part 2
  • Developing a Problem Metaphor part 3
  • Clean Questions Quiz
Common Metaphors for Problem Drinking and Solutions
  • Problem as Journey Metaphors
  • Split Personality
  • Loss of control
  • Spiritual yearning
  • Metaphors for the Solution
Identification and Calibration
  • Aspects of Pattern Spotting
  • Calibrating
Follow up support
  • Next steps