• A) Introduction to Expertise, Mastery and Distinction
  • 2) A Brief Overview
  • C) The Four Mechanisms (closer look)
  • D) Who’s This Guy Talking To You?
  • E) The Intent of This Course
  • F) Benefits of This Course
1) Expertise, Mastery and Distinction
  • A) Introduction to Expertise, Mastery and Distinction
  • B) Expertise
  • C) Mastery
  • D) The Importance of Knowing your Core Values
  • E) Mastery Revisited
  • F) Distinction
  • G) Cost/Benefit Analysis of Expertise, Mastery and Distinction
  • H) Additional Resources
2) Overcoming Performance Anxiety
  • A) Introduction to Overcoming Performance Anxiety
  • B) How to Not Shoot Yourself in The Foot
  • C) Dealing With Negative Self Talk
  • D) Transcending Performance Anxiety
  • Cost Benefit Analysis of Overcoming Performance Anxiety
3) Video Presentation Skills
  • A) Introduction to Video Presentation Skills
  • B) What Being Video Savvy Is and Is Not
  • C) Good Presentation Skills
  • D) Branding Know How
  • E) Additional Thoughts on Being Video Savvy
  • F) Cost Benefit Analysis of Not Being Video Savvy
4) Technical Skills
  • A) Introduction to Technical Skills
  • B) Part 1-Hardward and Software I Use
  • B) Part 2-Hardward and Software I Use
  • B) Part 3-Hardward and Software I Use
  • C) Luc's Suggestion of Ensuring Long Term Video Making Success
  • D) Cost Benefit Analysis-The Realities Associated with Not Having..............