30 Days: Building Your Productized Web Design Business
  • Introduction
  • 30 Days: All that You'll Accomplish
  • Who Should Take This Course?
  • What You'll Learn: Everything I've Done to Build a 7-Figure Business
  • What is "Productizing": It's the Fastest Way to Build a Business
Choosing a Profitable Niche and Speaking Your Customers' Language
  • Choosing a Market: How to Find a Profitable Vertical
  • Positioning: Give Your Company an Edge, Even if You're Just Starting
  • Creating Your Service: The Advantages of Staying Focused
  • Pricing: How to Leverage Pricing as a Marketing Tool
  • Recurring Revenue: Yes, ALL of Your Clients are Willing to Pay You Monthly
  • Naming Your Company: Finding a Great Name with an Available Domain
  • Branding: Give Your Company a Personality that Your Prospects Love
Getting Your First Clients, Even Without a Portfolio or Any Prospects
  • Offsprout Demo: Rapidly Build Client Websites Without Code
  • Building Your Marketing Site: Drive Traffic and Convert Leads
  • Getting Your First Clients: Selling Without a Portfolio
  • Writing Your Proposal: Close the Deal with a Winning Proposal
  • Getting Feedback and Testimonials: An Easier Way to Build Up Testimonials
Marketing Your Business and Creating a Leads-Generation Machine
  • Email List Building: How to Build a Prospects List that Wants Your Services
  • Installing Your Lead Magnet
  • Email Campaigns: Nurture and Convert Your Prospects List
  • Email List Segmentation: The Right Message to the Right Leads
  • Blogging Strategy: Drive Traffic and Capture Leads
  • Blog Outreach: Tell People About Your Content
Sell with Ease and Supplement Your Sales Pipeline
  • Successful Selling: Building Trust and Getting to "Yes"
  • Cold Emailing: Supplement Your Marketing Leads and Build Predictable Revenue
Productize Your Business so that You Can Grow, Scale, and Hire Quickly
  • Design Process: Repeatable Design for Maximum Profit
  • Project Management: Ensuring Your Business Runs Smoothly
  • Providing Support: Keeping Clients Happy
How to Use Offsprout to Help You Rapidly Build Client Websites
  • Building Templates: Better-Looking Client Websites Faster
  • The Offsprout Site Grower: Fully Designed Sites in 5 Minutes
  • Branding Offsprout: White Label the Offsprout Platform
  • Productized: 30-Day Plan Download
Bonus - Building links and traffic
  • Automating and Streamlining Your Entire Link-Building Campaign with a Free Tool