Introduction and Course Scenario
  • General Introduction
  • What You Are Going To Get From This Course
  • What Is The Target Audience?
FaceBook Marketing Psychology
  • Why Do People Use Facebook ?
  • What Do Businesses Needs From Facebook ?
  • Why Businesses Sometimes Fail in Facebook and How It Become Success ?
7 Ways Psychology Can Make Your Facebook Ads Unforgettable
  • Overview of 7 Ways Psychology
  • Way 1: Always Show Faces.
  • Way 2: Emotions Always Win.
  • Way 3: Use Red to Catch Attention
  • way 4: Make Your Customer Part of the Cool Crowd
  • way 4: Part1: Social Proof
  • way 4: Part2: Social Contagion
  • way 5: Increase A Viewer’s Dissonance
  • way 6: Make Your Product Scarce
  • way 7: Use The Ultimate Words
How to Use The Ultimate Words in Your Posts and Promotions ?
  • Overview of Useing The Ultimate Words
  • Using Word: "YOU"
  • Using Word: "Free"
  • Using Word: "Because"
  • Using Word: "Instantly"
  • Using Word: "New"
Create and Manage Your First Page With FaceBook
  • Create Your First Page At Facebook
  • Customize Your Page With Basic Settings
  • Set Up Your Page Configurations
  • Add Profile Picture
  • Add Page To Favorites
  • Set Up Your Page Audience
  • Add a Cover For the Page
  • Manage Basic Contents and Settings at the Page
  • Add Contents To the Page
Create Your First Promotion By Boost Post
  • Overview of Boost Post Preview
  • Define the Target Audience for the Post
  • Configure the Budget of Promotion and Duration
  • Choose The Payment Method