• Introduction
  • Setup Your Developer Environment
  • Creating a New Project in Visual Studio 2017
  • Say Hello to the World! (Your First Program)
  • Quick Tip - Input Values from the Console
Variables and Data Types in C#
  • What is a Variable and What is a Data Type?
  • Brief Overview of The Different Data Types
  • Create Integer Numbers
  • Store Anything Into A String!
  • Introduction to Arrays
The Console
  • Difference Between .Write and WriteLine
  • Formatting Strings the Correct Way!
Math in C#
  • Arithmetic Operators - Math with C#
Conditional Statements
  • The Logical Operators - To Be Or Not To Be
  • If that do this, else do this
  • If that do this, else if that do this, but if neither, do that
  • What is a Loop and Create a Simple While Loop
  • Creating For Loops and The Difference With While Loops
Bonus Section
  • Bonus Lecture: Get My Other Courses With a Discount and Further Your Knowledge