How to Become a Successful Project Manager: Part 3 the End Project Closing
  • 1.1 Welcome to the Course
  • 1.2 Project Management Methodology, Milestone Reviews and Decision Gates
Project Closing: It’s Important and Needs to be Completed Formally
  • 2.0 Section 2 Introduction: Closing Projects is a Formal Affair
  • 2.1 Contract Administration: Making Sure All Parties Comply with the Agreements
  • 2.2 Closing Contracts: A Formal Process Made Painless by Careful Preparation
  • 2.3 Closing the Project: Bringing a Formal and Orderly End to Project Activities
  • 2.4 Lessons Learned: Don’t Leave it to the Last Minute
  • 2.5 Final Report: Approval by the Sponsor Signals the Closing of the Project
  • 2.6 The End: We’ve Completed the Journey From Project Assignment to Final Report
Extras, Additions and Contingencies…
  • 3.1 Four Project Endings: The Theory
  • Decision Gate Check Lists