• What will you get out of this course?
  • You will enjoy the simplicity of this course design
  • Why I created this course to help you
  • How did tools make the cut for this course
  • What tools must have in order to be useful for you
Tool #1 - Trello
  • Meet Trello
  • Be inspired by watching Trello in action
Tool #2 - Meister Task
  • The Newbie - Meister Task
  • Is MeisterTask the right tool for you?
Tool #3 - ToDoIst
  • The most straightforward tool you can use
  • See the power of simplicity
Wrap Up
  • How do you choose the right tool for you?
  • Please help me make this course better
  • BONUS - Tool Comparison Chart
  • BONUS TOOL - Timer Tab
  • BONUS TOOL - MindMup
  • BONUS TOOL - Google Calendar Integrations
  • BONUS - Trello Special
  • BONUS - Just Released based on the Hot Best Selling Book
  • Other Resources