Day 1: Mastering Nervousness
  • Course Introduction
  • Introduction Of The Trainer
  • Reasons For Nervousness
  • How You Show Your Nervousness
  • Take Public Speaking As An Opportunity
  • Being In Head Is Dead
  • Positive Self Talk
  • How to go on the stage with a service attitude
  • Speak from your heart
  • Speak to express not to impress
  • What Other People/Audience will think
  • Replacing Nervousness With Excitement
  • It Ok To Be Nervous
  • Myth Of Nervousness
  • How to deal with Shyness
Day 2: Impromptu Speech and Facial Expressions
  • Mastering Impromptu Speech
  • Facial Expressions
Day 3: Story Telling and Creating Energy For Self and Your Audience
  • Creating Energy For The Audience
  • Creating Energy For Self
  • Story Telling
Day 4: Structuring Your Speech/Talk
  • Introduction Of Your Speech/Talk
  • Body Of Your Speech/Talk
  • Conclusion Of Your Speech/Talk
Day 5: Body Language & Voice Modulation
  • Body Language Techniques
  • Voice Modulation Techniques
Final Day 6: Eye Connection, Pause & Smile
  • Power Of Eye Connection Technique
  • Power Of Pause Technique
  • Power Of Smile Technique