Boost Self Confidence & Overcome Your Fear of Failure - Introduction
  • Introduction
Boost Self Confidence - Learning to understand thyself
  • change your heart and mind
  • Detach from the situation
  • The story of five travelers
  • Udemy rating and reviews
Overcome Your Fear - Most important Lessons to remember
  • The six doors to life
  • You can never compare the Sun and Moon
  • The art of being deaf
  • Anger Management
  • The King and the Eagles
Punch Your critics and build your Self Esteem
  • There are no statues for critics
  • Criticism in detail
Branches of Fear and overcome Fears
  • The salt in our life
  • The Horse and the Rider
  • The burden of our Thoughts
  • The Frog and the Gold Fish
What are your Self Values
  • Self Values Chapter One
  • Self Values in detail
The Last Part- Build a life of Self confidence and Overcome your Fear of Failure
  • Fear Of Rejection
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • The conclusion
Bonus lecture
  • Bonus lecture