Introduction and Course Structure
  • Introduction and Course Structure
Setting up of development environment and writing your first Python Program
  • Installation for Windows
  • Installation for Mac
  • Installation for Linux
Variables and Data Types
  • What is a variable and how to define one?
  • Rules to define a variable
  • Data Types in Python
  • What are numbers and different types of Numbers in Python
  • What is an operator ?
  • Different types of operators
  • What is a string and how to define one?
  • String operations
  • What is a list and how to create one?
  • List operations
  • What is a tuple and how to create one ?
  • What is a dictionary and how to create one ?
  • Dictionary operations
Conditional Statements
  • What are conditional statements ?
  • Different types of conditional statements
  • Using logical operators in conditional statements
  • Program - Check if a number is multiple of 3 and 7
Looping statements
  • What are looping statements and implementation of For loop in Python
  • While loop implementation in Python
  • Nested loop implementation in Python
  • Break, Continue and Else
  • Program - Check if a book exists in your collection of books
  • What are functions and how to define one ?
  • Functions with parameters and return values
  • Program - Find the greatest among two numbers
Exception Handling
  • 1. What is exception handling and how to handle exceptions in Python ?
  • Problem Statement
  • Project Solution - Part 1
  • Project Solution - Part 2
  • Congratulations!
Bonus Lecture
  • Bonus Lecture