Introductory To The Course
  • Welcome To The Course
  • Course Updates and News
  • Why Python?
  • A Special Thank You Before We Begin.
Installing Python
  • How To Install Python and Set It Up With Visual Studio Code
  • Having Troubles Installing Python?
  • Create Your Very First Python Program
  • Share Your First Python Script Below!
Up and Running With Python
  • Working With The Python Shell
  • Further References For Working With The Python Shell
  • How To Debug Scripts in Python
Python Variables
  • Python Variables
  • Python Variable Project
  • Share Your Script Here!
  • Python Variable Project Solution
  • How To Capture User Input With Python
  • Create Your 3rd Python Script Collecting User Input
Python Data Types
  • How To Convert a String To a Number
  • Create a Basic Python Script With String Methods
  • Adding Strings Together With Python (Concatenation)
  • Working With String Methods
  • Python Booleans
  • Python Shouting Script Project
  • Python Shouting Script Project Solution
Conditional Statements in Python
  • If and Else Statements in Python
  • Create a Script With a Simple Conditional Statement
  • Elif Statements
  • Comparison Operators
  • Conditional Statements Challenge
  • Conditional Statement Challenge Solution
Python Functions
  • Introductory To Functions In Python
  • Create Your First Function
  • How To Return a Value From a Function
  • Can You Figure Out Your Age In Cat Years?
  • How To Figure Out Your Age In Cat Years (Project Solution)
Python Loops
  • Introductory To Python While Loops
  • How To Exit and Break out of Loops
  • Python For Loops
BONUS 1 - Web Development / Programming FAQ
  • Leave Your Questions Here
  • Can You Learn Full Stack Web Development Within 12 Months?
  • Can You Learn Web Development Off of YouTube?
  • How To Teach Yourself Web Development?
  • Congrats You Now Know The Basics of Python