• What this course is about?
  • Who is Naresh?
  • Who is Harsh?
  • How to Get the best out of this course?
How to Get on Radio?
  • What's the demand like for guests on radio stations?
  • How hard is it for a newbie to get on radio?
  • Trigger words to use on your wesbtie
  • Why use HARO and how to use it?
  • Press Kit, what needs to be included and why?
  • How to leverage iTunes to get interviews?
  • How to pitch to radio producers?
  • How to earn credentials as a newbie?
  • Resources to get more interviews
  • Advantages of podcasts over radio
  • What's the mode of interview?
  • What microphone should you use?
  • Should we hire a publicist?
  • Section Quiz
  • Summary
Bonus Section
  • Secret Discount coupons