First Steps
  • Overview
  • What is Raspberry Pi?
  • Downloading and Installing NOOBS
  • First Power-Up & Having a Look Around
  • Introduction to the Shell
  • Staying Updated
Programming with Python
  • Overview
  • Introduction to Python
  • Connecting to the Outside World with GPIO
  • Pretty Demo: Using Math and Functions
  • Breathing LED Effect
  • Using Hats and the Sense Hat Emulator
Shell Scripting
  • Overview
  • File Permissions, Arguments and Your First Script
  • Variables and Decision Making
  • Writing a Useful Backup-Script
  • Improving the Backup-Script (Using the Manual)
  • Scheduling Tasks and Running at Startup
Desktop Applications
  • Desktop Applications
  • Introducing TkInter
  • Your First GUI
  • Walk-through of Other Widgets
  • LED Command-Center with Text-Entry Box
  • Menu Bars and Extra Windows
  • Events & Bindings
Internet of Things
  • Overview
  • Introduction to IOT Services
  • Particle Pi and IFTTT
  • Pi to Pi Communications with Particle Pi