• Introduction
  • Terminal Commands
  • Prerequisites
  • Course Projects
  • Course ppt slides
  • Sources:
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The Basics
  • Basic Setup
  • node and npm
  • setting up a proxy and making API requests
  • making api requests with axios
  • axios vs fetch
  • axios vs react-router vs express router
  • how CORS works
  • why not use an ORM like sequelize
  • why not use Redux form
PostgreSQL Database and React Setup
  • createing the schema.sql file
  • setting up the local database
  • setting up the actions for our app
  • setting up the reducer
  • setting up the authcheck component
  • setting up the psql credentials
Express API requests and PSQL queries
  • setting up post routes and psql queries
  • setting up comments routes and psql queries
  • setting up user routes and psql queries
Setting up the React Client side blog
  • client side blog overview
  • the addpost.js component
  • building the main forum
  • the showpost.js component
  • user dashboard
  • editing posts
  • client side routing
  • testing out the skeleton app
Animating Posts and Comments
  • animating posts
  • advanced animating posts
  • animating posts with keyframes
  • animating comments
Final Touches
  • implementing full stack likes
  • formating dates with momentjs
  • unauth redirect
Fullstack Search Engine
  • full stack search
Custom Messaging
  • other users profile
  • Custom Messaging
Admin App
  • admin app intro
  • admin app auth with auth0
  • admin forum
  • admin dashboard
  • handling users as an admin
AWS Intro
  • why learn aws
  • why learn aws cont..
  • deploy your first app to aws with ELB
AWS Overview
  • how networking works in cloud computing
  • public vs private ip addresses
  • ipv4 addresses
  • connecting to the public internet from a private network
  • how aws vpc works
  • subnetting in aws
AWS Deployment
  • setting up VPC and subnets in AWS
  • launching a cloud computer with AWS ec2
  • setting up the database on AWS
  • setting up a production react build
  • deploying our production app to aws
  • production build with PM2
  • nginx production setup
  • setting up a production database
  • testing the deployment
  • IMPORTANT clean up AWS resources