• Welcome
  • Course Landscape
  • Pretest - Preview
  • Challenges in educating the very poor
Essentials of reading science
  • How will you learn a script fastest?
  • The occult hand of visual perception
  • From perception to automaticity
  • Memory functions and their relevance for basic skills
Instructional challenges and opportunities
  • Reading instruction in various languages and scripts
  • How do readers understand text?
  • Language of instruction in multilingual countries: The challenges
  • Language of instruction in multilingual countries: The strategies
  • Training teacher for efficient reading instruction
  • Textbook development for efficient reading instruction
  • Reading assessment basics
Reading instruction in action
  • Basic literacy for all in about 100 days
  • Examples of reading methods: Jolly Phonics, EGRA+, GILO, CAMaL, Pratham, Molteno
  • Examples of reading methods: Aga Khan, PHARE, Mango Tree, SMRS
  • Adult illiteracy
  • Implementation and strategy to reduce school illiteracy