Marketing Versus Selling - An Overview
  • Introduction
  • Marketing is a Journey Not a Destination
  • Marketing Builds Interest
  • Secrets? LOL... There are no Secrets!
  • Your "Story"
  • Crafting Your Story
  • Marketing is Not a Tactic
  • Marketing is Not Sales
  • Why "Cookie Cutter" Strategies Wont Work
  • My Building Block Assets
  • Preparing to Build Your Strategy
  • Goal Setting Worksheet
  • Keep It Simple
Getting Started on Your Base
  • Create Your Own Strategy: The Building Blocks
  • Watch Out for the Roadblocks
  • Build Your Support Team
  • Learn to Love Responsibility
  • Budget Your Assets
  • Manage Your Assets-B
  • Putting It Together to Understand Your Market
Building a Strong Foundation
  • Building the Foundation
  • First... BE a Photographer
  • What Do You Do?
  • Why Do You Photograph?
  • Shoot What You Love
Plan Your Work
  • Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan
  • Personal Shooting Goal
  • Take Every Gig For a Year
  • Do It 110% Every Time
  • The Power of Personal Projects
  • An "Editorial Schedule"
The Time Tested, Good Ol' Hard Copy Portfolio
  • Create a Strong, Experienced Based Book
  • What Is In It?
  • Why You Have It
  • Where You Show It
  • Who You Show It To
  • When To Create It
Portfolio Building Ideas
  • Desktop Folders for Possibilities
  • Basic Portfolio Challenges
  • Basic Portfolio Layout
  • How to Decide on Presentation Orientation
The Web
  • The Web - A Quick Review
  • Why the Printed Portfolio is Different Than the Web Site
  • How Many Pages | Categories | Images?
  • Why Less is More
  • Why Having a Webmaster is a Losing Proposition
  • Presentation of the Image
  • Making Your Images Load Faster
  • Protecting Your Image OnLine
  • Watermarks: Ugly and Unprofessional VS Clean and Professional