Meet your instructor and learn about this workshop
  • Hello, Workshop. Tell me about yourself.
  • Let's learn about Neal Bawa's very bumpy real estate journey
  • Before we shift into gear, a quick heads up
RealFocus System - Which U.S. cities are the best (and the worst)?
  • Focus 1: How much Population growth is enough? And what to avoid like the plague
  • Focus 2: Median Household income holds the key to home prices
  • Focus 3: Median House or Condo value growth drives your wealth
  • Focus 4: It's criminal to ignore the crime rates....
  • Focus 5: Juicy Jobs = Juicier returns
  • Lab Assignment - Compare 3 Powerful U.S. cities using the Metrics
Advanced Techniques - Path of Progress & Multifamily (Apartment) Growth Metrics
  • Historical path of progress in 60 seconds - Wow, is it that simple?
  • What about Apartments (multifamily)? One magical site to rule them all....
Bonus Lecture
  • Incredible Bonus 1: 2020 Real Estate Trends Webinar with Top Cities Shootout
  • Incredible Bonus 2: The Entire Real Estate Trends Toolkit
  • Incredible Bonus 3: The Fundamentals of Multifamily Investing in 60 minutes
  • Incredible Bonus 4: Recession resistant investing in Student Housing
  • Limitless learning local to you with our nationwide Meetup group
  • Research Assignment - Read about 2019's Top Real Estate Trends