• Welcome- Who am I?
  • What this course is about?
  • Biggest Mistake people make while Hiring
  • Let me ask you the big question first
The 3 Step Hiring Process
  • Round 1 - Smartness, Attentiveness, Mental Alertness Test
  • Round 2: Dedication, Attitude, Hardwork, Growth potential Test
  • Round 3: Skill test as per your job description
  • Quiz 1 About Hiring Process
How to train them?
  • Train them as a child
Monitoring your VA
  • Team Monitoring software I use for VA's
  • Be strict about Accountability and Deadlines
Hiring Hacks (coming soon)
Summing it all up
  • Conclusion - Summary of the course
  • "Secret Coupon' for massive discounts on my other courses