Introduction and Overview
  • Introduction Part One
  • Introduction Part Two
  • Introduction: The Downloads
  • If meditation begins to feel like work…
Verses One and Two
  • Simplicity
  • Make it Personal to You
  • Experiencing the Unexplainable
  • If your mind wanders from your original material…
  • Embrace the Infinite
  • Graze and Grow Strong
  • If your meditation brings you to an uncomfortable place…
Verses Three and Four
  • Your Second Wind
  • Falling into the Future
  • Sacrifice: A Gift to Self
  • Meditation helps us to…
  • Dying before You Die
  • You are not Alone
  • Meditation is an opportunity to…
Verses Five and Six
  • The "Food" Beyond
  • "Hey, that's not Right!"
  • Most people on the planet…
  • Tears and Confidence
  • In the End, it's all Good
  • Meditation…
Closing thoughts and Bonus Video
  • Straitjackets not Advised
  • Bonus Video: I'm Honored