Course Introduction
  • Course introduction
  • Demo of final project you will create ?
  • Bootstrap's components that we we will cover in this course
  • Recommended Softwares
Getting Started with Project : Basic files & settings
  • Download and set up Bootstrap framework
  • First index.html file with basic mark up.
  • Content planing for complete website
  • Adding Content Section in index.html file
  • Adding new stylesheet for custom CSS styles
  • Adding support for older browsers
Header Section
  • Site name and description
  • Bootstrap's Responsive Navigation Menus part 1
  • Bootstrap's Responsive Navigation Menus part 2
  • featured content with jumbotron element
  • featured content with slider (Carousal)
Content for main section : Primary content area
  • advertising area
  • featured posts with small featured images
  • latest news 2 columns with big featured image
  • 3 columns wide posts section
  • Post with featurted image, heading and description
Content for main section : Sidebar content area
  • Sidebar stacked navigation Pills style
  • Sidebar stacked navigation list-group style
  • Sidebar Widget with custom CSS styling
  • Module Tabs introduction and examples
  • how to use bootstrap tabs model
Content for site footer
  • Full screen background color for footer
  • Content for first footer column
  • Content for Second footer column
  • Content for third footer column
Finishing our project
  • Creating Final Complete Webpage