• Source code
  • Introduction
  • Download and Install Postman HTTP Client
  • Postman Overview
  • Resource and Collection URIs
  • HTTP Methods: GET, POST, DELETE and PUT
  • HTTP Headers: Accept and Content Type
Setting up Develeopment Environment
  • Install Java Platform(JDK)
  • Download and Install Spring Tool Suite(STS)
Creating a New Project
  • Create new Spring Boot Project with Spring Tool Suite
  • Creating a new Spring project using Spring Boot Initializr
Create RESTful Web Service Endpoints
  • Create Users Rest Controller class
  • Adding Methods to Handle POST, GET, PUT, DELETE HTTP requests
  • Running Web Service Application
Handle HTTP GET Request
  • Reading Path Variables with @PathVariable annotaion
  • Reading Query String Request Parameters
  • Making Parameters Optional or Required
Returning a Response
  • Returning Java Object as Return Value
  • Returning Object as JSON or XML Representation
  • Set Response Status Code
Handle HTTP POST Request
  • Reading HTTP POST Request Body. The @RequestBody annotation.
  • Validating HTTP POST Request Body
Handle HTTP PUT and HTTP Delete Requests
  • Store Users Temporary
  • Handle HTTP PUT Request
  • Handle HTTP Delete Request
Exceptions Handling
  • Handle an Exception
  • Return Custom Error Message Object
  • Handle a Specific Exception
  • Throw and Handle You Own Custom Exception
  • Catch More Than One Exception with One Method
Dependency Injection
  • Create and Autowire a Service Layer Class
  • Constructor Based Dependency Injection
Standalong Application
  • Run Web Service as a Standalone Application
Bonus: Password Reset, Email Verification, Security
  • Add Security, Implement Sign-up, Sign-in, Password Reset, Email Verification
  • My Contact Details