Course Introduction: Start Here and Watch this First
  • Promo: Why this Course is Important
  • Introduction the this Resume Writing Course
  • Course Overview: Structure & How to Get the Most
  • How to Use Udemy
  • Free resources**
  • IMPORTANT - Please Read
Resume and CV Objectives and Basics
  • Resume Basics: Your Professional Advertisement
  • Resume Basics: The Purpose or Objective of your Resume
  • Resume Basics: How to Structure Your Resume - Pt 1
  • Resume Basics: How to Structure Your Resume - Pt 2
  • Activity: Transform Your Resume Structure Using the Goal
Resume Writing Guidelines
  • Resume Guidelines: Overview of Best Practices
  • Resume Guidelines: Key Watch-outs
  • Other Common Resume Mistakes
  • Resume Guidelines: Formatting
  • Activity: Transform your Resume or CV
Cover Letter Importance and Guidelines
  • Cover Letters: The Pre-Interview
  • Cover Letters: Key Components
  • Cover Letters: Important Guidelines
  • Activity: Transform your Cover Letter
Resume Reviews: Actual Resumes from Many Different Backgrounds
  • Actual Resume Review - Video Example 1
  • Actual Resume Review - Video Example 2
  • Actual Resume Review - Video Example 3
  • Actual Resume Review - Video Example 4
  • Actual Resume Review - Video Example 5
  • Bonus Free Course - Get Dozens More Resume Review Examples
Bonus Courses and Books
  • Bonus Course: Interviewing Secrets
Next steps: Taking Action
  • Take Action: Write Your Own Resume and Cover Letter
  • Use the Tools: Get Help From Your Peers
  • Next Steps
Resume Templates and Extra Resources
  • Resume Writing Guides and Templates
  • Q&A: When is it OK to have a resume longer than 1 page?
  • Q&A: Is it a negative if I'm self-employed and job hunting?
  • Q&A: Why shouldn't I list all my key skills in a separate section?
  • Q&A: Why is it so important to show results/achievements instead of just tasks?
  • Are longer resumes okay for certain countries?