• Introduction and My Bio
  • General Housekeeping and Free Resources for Your Salesforce Career
Cloud Concepts
  • What is Cloud Computing ... and Why Should You Care?
  • A Brief History of Salesforce and How It Can Supercharge Your Career
  • What is Salesforce?
  • Career Paths and Options for Certified Salesforce Professionals
  • Signing Up for a Free Salesforce Account
Next Steps
  • Grow Where You Are Planted
  • Volunteer for a Non-Profit that Needs Salesforce Help
  • Motivation Moment - From What If to Why Not?
Helpful Salesforce Resources
  • Salesforce LinkedIn Groups
  • Local Salesforce Meetups, User Groups and Community Groups
  • Online Help and the Salesforce Success Community
  • - Maintenance Schedule and Performance Monitoring
  • Salesforce Skills are In Demand
  • Spring 2017 Update - New Certifications
  • Bonus Lecture: Promo Codes / / Facebook Group / LinkedIn