• Course Introduction
  • Examples of what can be Achieved
  • Aperture (f-stops) Explained
  • Should you do Time for Prints (TFP) / Time for CD (TFCD)?
  • Preparing your Model for your Photo Shoot
  • Comparing Models
Shoot #1: Mechanic Workshop with Stacey-Lea & Sarah
  • Setting the Main light and Rim Light and using a Scrim
  • Coloring the Background and Isolating your Model
  • Using your Light Meter and Setting a Rim and Main Light (Welder)
  • Shooting a DPS (Double Page Spread)
Shoot #2: Sandon Point Beach Shoot with Alix
  • Creating DPS Options and Exposing for a Rich Vibrant Sky
  • Creating a Second DPS Option and Controlling Squinting
  • Creating a Third DPS Option and Posing your Model
  • Creating and Metering a Single Scene & Setting up for Magazine Print
  • Adding a Second Single Scene using a Rim Light and a Main Light
Shoot #3: Woonona Beach Shoot with Fran
  • Preparing your Model and Setting Up for the First DPS
  • Creating the First DPS and Posing an Inexperienced Model
  • Using a Scrim and why it is Critical to Your Success
  • Posing your model for a single scene & Model Communication
  • Setting up and Metering your Scene in Direct Sunlight
Shoot #4: Fashion Shoot with Emma
  • Makeup Time Lapse - from Start to Finish
  • Catalogue Lighting. Scene setup explained.
  • Interacting with your Model
  • Shooting a Cover Shot
  • Assessing your Environment
  • Trying Different Lighting Positions
Studio Walkthrough & Interviews
  • Sun Studios Walkthrough - A Professional Studio Location
  • Interview with Emma and her Mother
  • Interview with Sun Studios Sales Manager Kelly Hodge
  • Out Takes
  • Conclusion
  • Coming Soon...